Sanity Decays





released January 27, 2015



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DISCOURSE Columbia, South Carolina

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Track Name: Cure
I walk the narrow path
scorned by some but it’s not for them
The scale was tipped against me
set up for failure I defied the disease

One less rope around my neck

Pre-disposed, I chose my fate
I’m lucky to have had the chance
Two ways out, both absolutes
complete dependence or complete rejection

I’ll take the grief as it comes
I’ll feel it for you since you’d rather be numb
I understand the need to escape
even I find ways to forget the pain

Like you, don’t wanna face the world
Like you, don’t wanna face myself
Like you, I’m afraid
Afraid of what I might find

I’m sickened by life and the tireless routine
but you won’t see me down begging for release

I reject their cure
It’s temporary and empty
Dull the pain, dull my hatred
I'll keep them both to spite the world

Outnumbered forever
Track Name: Time Pries
Life is far too long to live with
these regrets that I collect
I’m lost in the dark
with no light at the end

Get used to loss
cause it’s all you’ll know
Time pries from our hands
all that we hold

Sentenced to life, it hits hard
and returns each day worse than before

And so it goes, I face loss alone

Death, you can learn to accept
or you can run from it

I’m used to loss,
cause it’s all I’ve known
Time strips away
all that I love
Track Name: Losing Game
Coercion, fear, and control
They played you like a goddamn fool
Callous bastards watch it unfold
reconstruct the way the story's told

Nothing to lose
so much more to gain
Safe in the comfort of their own homes
They’ve got no skin in the game

Not my war

Everything to lose
not a thing to gain
There’s only one outcome
when you play a losing game

I’m not so sure
that they’d feel the same
If the roles were reversed
you think they’d play their own fucking game?

It’s not my war
My war is with those
who convinced you
to die for their interests

Straight to hell with those bastards

Cause their war is endless
It leaves no winners
It shifts and it transforms
Another year, a new face

Do you think they’d play their own fucking game?
Track Name: Maintained by Force
They’ve forced the conditions
that rob the youth of potential
See the addicts as less than human
made violence the only solution

Maintained by force

I know my enemy
cause he’s marked clearly
The uniform erases
the person within

How many more have to die
at the hands of law enforcement?
How many more have to face
decades locked in a cage?

You’ve known your enemy
you’ve seen ritual abuse
Maintenance of order
offered up as an excuse

Punishment falls, but not on the guilty
Track Name: Failed Automation
Spare me from this
what they call living
feels like routine decay

Another wasted day
Ad fucking nauseum
Parallel to hell
but deaths not an option

From first breath to untimely death
uncertainty weighs down on me

And for those doomed from the start
things stay worse, for those I abstain

Another empty day
end on end
Spare me from this
what they call living
feels like routine decay

A world of failed automation
finding ways to cure the human condition

And for those doomed from the start
things stay worse, for those I abstain
No other path but violence
Thrown into life, born into pain

Deliver me from this
I can’t stand to witness

As those around me crumble
the answer becomes clear
Phase out of existence
a violent end draws near
Track Name: Bars Surround
Out of sight, you ignore
Out of mind, try to forget
Out of your control, is that what you tell yourself?

Don't talk to me about peace
when violence is your routine
Don't come to me about change
the easiest one you refuse to make

Every cage empty

20 long years to a system i detest
now begins the struggle to erase that debt

I know you see the pattern
and understand their pain
Your arguments are tired
as you try to shift the blame

What I’m asking for isn’t out of touch
You can end the cycle, haven’t we had enough?

Bars surround
Blade through skin
Steel on bone
Bolt to brain
Track Name: Another Wave
I still feel it
what died in you is burning inside
What awaits when the flame dies out
a 9 to 5 to define my life?

Another wave comes and goes
Convictions washed away with the tide
And we’re left with the pieces
of what you left behind

Am I making a change
or have I changed myself?
Am I breathing life
or wasting my breath?

So here’s your medal for growing up
and I’ll show you the door
I can only hope that you at least
take what you learned from us when you leave
I’ll be damn sure you’ll never destroy
what we’ve worked so hard to achieve

My mind’s still a weapon against the
outside world trying to fight its way in
The flame still burns
Can you say the same?

The hands of time
are tight around my neck
Counting down the days
until this anger fades away

Can’t turn my back on what we’ve built
to go through phases so unfulfilled
What’s been passed down, still tight in my grasp
And I’ll carry this torch until I collapse
Track Name: Nothing Fills the Void
Nothing fills the void
that I’ve felt for so long
The emptiness that will destroy
everything that I love

I only have myself to blame
I wish you’d just forget my name
To love is to suffer
I’ll leave scars that resemble my own
I’ll inflict the same wounds
that cut me down to the bone

Hardened my heart, shut myself away, but at what cost?

Nothing fills your emptiness
I can’t explain, don’t know where to begin
Crush the petals in my hands
watch the red stain my skin
Forever letting you down
because I couldn’t let you in

In my selfishness, I bound you to me
The cycle continues, and we were fools
to think that it would set us free
Now I feel nothing, and I’m afraid it’s a part of me
We hurt one another, the cycle never ends
Track Name: Early Grave
For every method of self-abuse
And lives stolen through directed use
For every cleverly disguised noose
And victims left unable to choose

All the problems that you can’t face
The mistakes that you want to escape
And the regrets you try to erase
Still exist at the end of the day

Nothing standing in my way
No path to an early grave

I hold in contempt
Profit from addiction
Targeted from birth
No concern for those afflicted

For every loved one i’ve watched decay
And everything that stands in my way
For every path to an early grave...
Straight edge - the choice remains.
Track Name: Oblivion
"To arms" they cry
pro war and pro life
The divine right guides
those with god on their side

The enlightened few
procreate and destroy
Self-entitled to
reckless indifference

When I'm called to bear witness
I'll attest to the sickness
that I've seen from your crusade
Crushed spirits, sanctified hate

Madness overtakes the masses
Sanity decays, dictated by majority

The visions realized, the prophesy fulfilled
Welcome the destruction from which we can't rebuild

Oblivion awaits